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  1. smallworkssf

    Problems with Acrylic

    Hi! Has anyone noticed in the last year major quality issues in Acrlyite OP3 and Tru-Vue Optium? I am cutting through sheet after sheet around, what appear to be, "drip" marks or pockmarks. Almost every sheet recently has this problem to some extent. Am I the only one noticing? Also so far as...
  2. A

    Plexiglas Advice

    I'm working on a frameless frame. I would like to use a quality plexiglas. I was looking at OP3, and OP3 P99 for a non glare option. From what I've read, it seems that TruVue and Acrylite are similar? Is this true? Is TruVu a better quality? Would anyone recommend one over the other? Thank you!
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