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  1. FrameArt

    Acrylic/ Static/ Float mount/ Box framing

    Best ways to deal with static, especially when making a box frame.Today I am being tortured with acrylic static charge while I build custom box spacers for a medium weight paper. Next week I start a similar job of 30 pieces and most are tracing paper drawings. Can you get away with just top...
  2. smallworkssf

    Problems with Acrylic

    Hi! Has anyone noticed in the last year major quality issues in Acrlyite OP3 and Tru-Vue Optium? I am cutting through sheet after sheet around, what appear to be, "drip" marks or pockmarks. Almost every sheet recently has this problem to some extent. Am I the only one noticing? Also so far as...
  3. Andrew Lenz Jr.

    Cleaning acrylic/Plexiglas - best way?

    It's been a while since this has been discussed and products on the market come and go. I'm curious what you have tried and what you settled on for cleaning pieces of acrylic these days. Let's assume that it needs to be cleaned—yes, if you can avoid needing to clean it in the first place...
  4. AaronF

    Question How do you secure your acrylic glazing on XL pieces?

    I've got a 38" X 38" piece of acrylic I am looking to secure into a removable "top" frame on a shadowbox. How do you secure your glazing in these situations? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  5. Matthew Hale

    Searching For crystal clear adhesive

    Anyone have any suggestions for a clear adhesive that will bond acrylic ? I need something that isn't solvent based like many acrylic adhesives. I'm bonding one layer of painted acrylic to a layer of clear acrylic and the entire surface will be visible so I need something super clear. The...
  6. A

    Acrylic Framing Question

    Where does everyone stand on mounting a rag matte photograph up against the acrylic? Would you lift it, or sandwich them together? I've heard the chances that the image would stick to the acrylic is about 30 percent, and that enclosing the image may actually be better for it? But I've always...
  7. FrameOfMind

    Question How can I keep an oversize photograph looking crisp without dry mounting?

    Hello, I just received an order for framing a large photograph. It measures 88 in wide. The customer does not want to dry mount the photograph, so I am worried that it will wrinkle in the frame with spacers keeping it from sticking to the glass. I have heard that using a sheet of reflection...
  8. M

    Acrylic and static

    I have a drawing (on paper, large panorama) that's in the shop right now and it's to be float mounted. I know that static in acrylic will lift the drawing to the glazing. More hinging points means more noticeable points everywhere. Optium may not be within reach. Will thicker (1/4 or 3/8")...
  9. K

    Question How do you decide thickness of Acrylic to use?

    Hey there! So I lurk here (quite a bit) and have been searching through the threads for a guide on using acrylic, specifically what thicknesses are suitable for larger jobs. Currently for me, a large job is about 60" in the biggest direction. When I started years ago, we rarely did this sort of...
  10. FramerKat

    Searching For Source of large abstract originals and giclees

    Our South Florida crowd is nutty for abstracts these days...and mostly BIG ones at that. We are looking for sources of originals and giclee reproductions to market in our location. Any artist/company that might have a printed catalog/samples would be optimal, as we can't afford to carry much...
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