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4468h vacuseal

picture framing clamps by MasterClamp 2021
  1. efglez

    SOLD Equipment for sale in Portland oregon

    Our shop is closed and we are retiring. We have a few things for sale. (7/1/2020) $3000 / Pistorious Double miter saw with dust collector $350 / Morzo Chopper with 2 sets of blades on rollers. $4000 VACUSEAL 4468 Mounting Press with the original metal base/ Hot and Cold / with extra...
  2. AaronF

    For Sale: VacuSeal 4468H, Toronto CAN

    I've got a VacuSeal 4468H for sale in the Toronto Canada area. Asking $3000CAD. Unit works without any issues and holds psi to 17-19 when vacuum is on. I bake at 180F degrees and have left on for many hours at a time. The vacuum bladder was in near perfect condition when I had the felt out of...
  3. njw1224

    Bowed heat plate in vacuum press 4468H - ?!

    My 4468H vacuum press' heat plate has a significant bow downward in the center. I inherited this press, so I don't know it's entire history or what these are supposed to look like when new. Maybe something too heavy was set on the top at some point? Or maybe this just happens with age? So for...
  4. njw1224

    Vacuum Press Stress/Fatigue "cracks" in Fomecor?

    I got a 4468H vacuum press last year from a local BB retailer that left town. It works great in general, but I notice when mounting on foamcor at 180-190 degrees I often get stress "cracks" or light lines/creases in the piece. It appears to be in the surface paper of the foam board and...
  5. A

    Replacing gas lift cylinders on Vacuseal 4468H

    Anyone know how to go about changing the gas lift cylinders on this press?! We've googled it with very little info and have all the original paperwork but there's nothing in the manual. We've managed to get the top cup off its nipple on one side, but can't get the bottom one off.
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