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Current Status of Framing Suppliers currently re-opened/operating

Current Status of Framing Suppliers currently re-opened/operating 2020-05-20

As has been noted, a lot of suppliers are closed. Many shops are too, but the ones that have been able to find ways to stay open are having trouble finding a place to get supplies for the orders they’re able to get. To try and help close the gap, we have polled the 38 suppliers who are listed in the PFM Annual Directory under the “Moulding” category on the assumption that all the primary suppliers carry at least moulding.

Here is a list of those that have confirmed they are open and shipping/delivering. If you know of anyone missing, or if you find that one has closed, please DM me with the details. We will also be checking back weekly with each supplier on the list and updating it as necessary.

Stay safe, be well and hope to see you all come out of this better and stronger than before!
David Waldmann
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    Jack Richeson open Mon-Thurs. Larson now has 10 locations open (still pick-up and freight only).
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    News about Studio opening next Monday.
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    Frame Specialties added, LJ now has seven locations open - added Denver, Lakeland, Minneapolis &...

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David, I can’t even imagine how much time this must have taken. Thank you for doing this, absolutely awesome and much needed
Just what we need right now. Thank you so much, David!
Rian Fabrication Services  www.rianfabrication.com
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