KL Smith
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I started out back around 2001 by opening a small art gallery. Expecting that my art clients might want their new pieces framed, we added custom framing services to the gallery. This lead to expanding the framing services side to the public. After a few years of increasing art sales, it became apparent that we could not continue to keep up with custom framing for the public and framing of my art, so we sold the framing business to concentrate on my art sales. Now we only frame my own art sales.
After those 13 or so years, we now operate an 1100 square foot luxury art gallery in historic Jordan village located in the Niagara region of Ontario Canada in which we sell my landscape and nature photography on canvas exclusively.


The Kenneth Lane Smith Gallery
Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography
Retail: http://www.kennethlanesmithgallery.com
Wholesale: http://www.klsimages.com