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    Default Walking Dead

    Posted this over on Get The Picture's FaceBook page a couple weeks ago, and figured should post it over here too.


    Our latest fun project, and this one has a little bit of a story. One of our customers, Adam, is a young man who does some stunt work out in Hollywood, as well as some bit parts on TV. He visits frequently, and we often get to chatting about AMC's The Walking Dead, of which I am a huge fan. Adam recently brought in his friend Rory, another Walking Dead fan, who had purchased this same print at a recent convention, and wanted to frame it. He opted to keep it simple, and framed the print without matting, but in the same chain styled frame seen in this picture.

    I was so enamored with this print, that I just had to find it. The print sold out of its initial release very quickly. However, I found this print listed on ebay for a good price, and snatched it right up. The print is a silk screen, and the detail in the image is astounding. The image has a very pointillist look, something I have never seen in a silk screen, which makes the image even more impressive. I knew that I wanted to do something like what I did for Rory, but step up the design a bit. The top mat is a neutral cool grey which works well with one of the grays in the background. A thin mixture of red acrylic paint was then splattered onto the mat to achieve an "arterial spray" effect. The inner mat is a basic black mat to pick up on the trees. The frame is a juxtaposition of textures that are found within the print. The inner chain styled frame from Direct Moulding picks up on the chains that the central figures holds, leading around her zombie "friends." The wood veneer of the outer Studio frame was chosen to minimize the industrial look of the inner frame, and also to pick up the rustic feel of the forest background. The veneer came in a little browner than anticipated (sample was more greyish and a better match), but it still works well.

    Love how this piece came out, and it gets a LOT of attention when people come into the shop and see it hanging on the wall. Almost hope it doesn't sell, because would love to take it home, but not sure where I would hang it there, and would prefer the money.
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    Default Re: Walking Dead

    We're also fans and that looks great.

    "I do all my own stunts"......that's why I have crutches.

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    Default Re: Walking Dead

    OMG, I love this!!!!! I had to share it on my FB page-- very cool design!!

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    Default Re: Walking Dead

    Love it!!!

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