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Thread: An interesting job today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z David View Post
    As a newbie I look forward to the day I have a famous customer or
    a framing project that helps tell an incredible historical event or helps recognize a hero!
    Back in my days of newbie and awe... Ronald Reagan used to come to town.
    In those days he was Governor of California and was in town for the Pro Rodeo.

    In those days, his contingency of body guards was Nancy and maybe a few of the kids....
    although none of them even liked the smell of horses. . . much less getting dirty.
    (Too much Nancy... not enough Ronny)

    One morning at Jack's Aweful Slop (Waffle Shop) they were having breakfast at the
    counter (Ron always sat at the corner where he was most approachable . . .).
    A few seats down was a local painter and character. Other than painting cowboy art,
    he always drew cartoon mules heads.

    He was doodling on a napkin, and he drew two mules in love.... and you could tell
    it was Ron and Nancy and done with all the respect they were due. Nancy loved
    it so much, she said "we have to get it framed right away . . .".
    (I always wondered if she even knew about mules...)

    So the next place on their list of wandering around town . . .

    I had done my first hand planed frame and was kind of proud of it, so it was on the
    wall. It was kind of funky in that it wasn't a stock size... it was about 6" square.

    You just never know who you are framing for . . . and who they may become.
    Everyone gets treated the same. With respect.

    Good show Neil. You done good. I hope that guy gets his CMH before he gets
    his final box. 2003 was a long time to wait for a simple little star . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z David View Post
    BTW Shayla, I had no idea that Kenny was a polygamist! That must have been before he found out what condition his condition was in.

    Well... she did "just drop in"...
    I'm NOT crazy!! My Mother had me tested!

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    So all that awful plastic surgery Kenny Rogers had was to disguise him from all them angry women? Makes sense now L
    Laura Reynolds, Purveyor of all sorts of fun strangeness, and Rabidly unashamed "FLYING TENNIS COURT" junkie (Google it)....

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    Very sweet

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    Hey Neil-not trying to top you, but had a lady come in with box filled with goodies. her husband had just passed and she was going through personal stuff; some to divide for kids, some to get rid of.

    She found a copied letter addressed to his parents acknowledging his service in USMC during WWII. It was auto-penned by Sect of Navy, but she thought it was quite important. she knew noting of the items in box and asked if I was familiar with the Military. As a Vet I assured her i was

    In the box was a Navy Cross and the certificate described the heroism from Guadalcanal. It was stunning that she had no idea her husband had ever done anything like that as he never spoke of it.

    I looked further and found a hand-written note from Adm. Bull Halsey, CinCPac that had sent this Lcpl a personal note acknowledging his Bravery. Imagine that this Admiral took the time to write this guy is truly remarkable. She had no idea of the importance of that note on his personal stationery. I told her I would frame it on the house.

    The problem was she had two sons and didn't know what to do as she wanted to give them the medal. The Navy Cross and CMH are the only two medals that you can not purchase. We have a company in town called Pieces of History that sells duplicate medals and awards if any one needs to order

    Baer-i don't remember if you met any of my employees, but the gentleman that ran our whse operation was a Special Forces O6 that had won the Medal of Honor. I never knew until he wanted to get VA training money and asked if I would fil out VA paperwork to submit as to his employment.

    In that packet was his DD214 and being nosy I took a peek and called his wife to confirm. She was more than pleased to fill me in on his incredible history of accomplishments.

    And, this guy worked for me

    There are plenty of unassuming heroes amongst us without ever knowing

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