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Thread: Corex / Coroplast Bay Area Supplier?

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    Default Corex / Coroplast Bay Area Supplier?

    Lj's special next week is on Coroplast (and Gator), but their acid-free product is still expensive, $16.01 on sale for 40 x 60. Does anyone in the Bay Area have a good source for this product? I don't need acid-free from most purposes.
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    Kirstie, look up sign suppliers like Sun Supply, they should have CoreX (which nobody has proved that it is NOT as stable and conservation quality as corraplast. Our 3mm runs $11 delivered ( no minimums ) 5mm is about $14-5 and those sheets are 48 x 96.

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    I buy mine from Regal-Piedmont Plastics. They have a branch in Oakland-
    I use the "natural" product - not archival, but as close to it as you can get - it is a "milky" color like a milk carton as it has no color added.

    I also get Gator from them (and they have all of the sizes, including 60" wide x 96" and LONGER) and also Acrylite FF-3 framing grade acrylic. and also Acrylie OP-3.

    Regal-Piedmont Plastics
    7307 Edgewater Drive
    Oakland, California 94621
    Toll Free: 800-246-1848
    Phone: 510-746-2200
    Fax: 510-746-2211

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    Check with Sign Supply USA. 4MM is under $10 and they most likely deliver to you. Ignore the price in their online catalog because it is always less when you call and ask for the price.

    Toll Free: (800) 889-1488
    Art & Frame Outlet
    204 George Bishop Pkwy
    (Across from the Hard Rock Park)
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
    (843) 236-4370

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