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Thread: Removing Folds & Creases From Old Documents

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    Is there any good or right way to remove folds and creases from old valuable, irreplaceable documents
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    Yes...send them to a professional paper conservator. You take on a lot of liability if you take this on without knowledge and experience. If you don't have a relationship with a paper conservator in your area, develop one, it will save you loads of grief. I know there are excellent conservators in Chicago. List of conservators in your area available through Library of Congress web site. Your client will thank you.

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    wpfay is right -- a conservator should be the one to accept responsibility for treatment to those valuable, irreplaceable documents.

    But consider that the folds & creases are part of the documents' character, and carry the history of the document. It might be better to frame them as-is, creases, folds and all.

    Mylar-D encapsulation (two sheets Mylar-D) or overlay mounts (one sheet Mylar-D laid over a background of 100% rag board) are usually good choices for old documents. Mylar-D gives very good overall support, it is completely non-invasive, and it shows the edges of the document. The Mylar-D would have a flattening effect on the creases, but they would still be visible.

    Many old papers are written right to the edges -- paper was scarce back then, and people used as much of each sheet as possible -- so showing the edges might be a big plus.

    Good luck with the project.

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    Word to the wise:
    I've seen a lot of women come through the shop who wail that "It's already ruined--save it if you can!" ("It" could be anything in the world.)

    And then, if they aren't satisfied with the results, they refuse to pay for it...or if you damaged it trying to save something that was "already beyond help," they insist that it was worth millions of dollars, that their grandmother carried it to the New Country a hundred years ago, and that they can't BELIEVE what you have done to it.

    So I no longer take "problem" or "salvage" orders. It's not worth it. Women who swear that they already know it's worthless in its present condition will grow horns within a matter of seconds...(run in fear!)

    Send them to someone who knows what they're doing, or have them sign one **** of a disclaimer...and even then...

    *groan* Anybody else made this mistake?

    I don't care what color your sofa is.

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