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Pesky Hangers


WOW Framer
We most often use either omni or Eurohangers with metal frames. Sometimes, Wall Buddies. Lately, the Eurohangers have been a real pain to use. The little metal tabs that extend from the screw hole out toward the loop, and which fit down inside the track, seem to be of differing widths between the hole and the end of the inner tab. Sometimes, so long they don't fit the track, and sometimes, so short it pops out. No matter how much we fiddle. Is anyone else having trouble with them? I love Eurohangers, but only when they actually work.
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Rick Granick

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I've experienced that phenomenon too. It may also have to do with slight variations in the metal frame extrusions, and even different paint thickness (such as on Clark metals). Bottom-line is we just have to be very careful when installing them. I suppose the tab could be "adjusted" a bit by hammering it a little.
:cool: Rick
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