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For Sale: Ortgeuil Dbl Head Cutting Machine - used

Discussion in 'Commercial Posts, For Sale of Framing Shop Stuff a' started by Quadro Designs, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Quadro Designs

    Quadro Designs Grumbler

    Orteguil s.a #6811 TR-v90 double head cutting machine
    Pneumatic precision double miter saw using two 350mm dia TCT saw blades fixed at 45º. Supplied with a right hand calibrated extension and sliding stop to read up to 1500mm and a left hand support extension of 1300mm. The machine comes with two fully adjustable vertical air clamps to hold the moldings in place whilst being cut. The vertical blade stroke of the saw is fully adjustable to give perfect cuts in the quickest time. $400 obo call 204-227-9640

    W.D. Quinn Saw Co.

    GUMBY GCF SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    single phase?
  3. Quadro Designs

    Quadro Designs Grumbler

    It is single phase 240V
  4. hershel wright

    hershel wright Grumbler in Training

    What is the weight of the saw and extensions and do they makes parts for this machine as well thank you Hershel

    GUMBY GCF SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

  6. Quadro Designs

    Quadro Designs Grumbler

    Correct on the weight - about 500 lbs. The size is 33w x 29d x 50h . This does not come with the extensions. I am sure parts are available and can be sourced on-line.
W.D. Quinn Saw Co.

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