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Help fixing air leaks on Arquati Perfecta

Discussion in 'Software, Computers, CMC's Techie Stuff' started by RJO, May 14, 2015.

  1. RJO

    RJO Guest

    I'm fairly new to framing and recently purchased my first underpinner, an old Arquati Perfecta. The guy I bought it from assured me it had no leaks and was in good working condition. I got it home, hooked it up and it was gushing air.

    One of the three air valves is leaking out of one of the two exhaust silencer ports. As you press the foot peddle down the leak stops when cycling through. I took the valve apart and tried to inspect/clean it and all looks fine - no broken seals, looked in working order. That didn't help.

    I took the foot controller valve apart and somehow made that leak. I may have put it together backward. Not sure but I'll give that another try since it was working correctly before I tore it apart.

    I've contacted Universal Arquati but they couldn't help as they stated they bought Arquati well after that model was made so they had no way of helping me troubleshoot or provide parts. I then contacted a company that sells the brand of valves (Pneumax) and they stated the valve is no longer being made. They are going to contact Pneumax to see if a current valve will work in it's place.

    In the meantime I thought I'd reach out to some pros for any advice. I'm certain I'm missing something as this type of equipment is new to me.

    Thanks for any help.
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  2. Jeff Rodier

    Jeff Rodier SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Since it is not a common v-nailer it is just a re-branded item made by one of the primary manufacturers. Post some photos so we can see who made it and then you will get all the help you need. I'm betting it is either ITW/AMP or Pilm since Arquati was primary Italian moulding and those companies are in Italy.
  3. neilframer

    neilframer PFG, Picture Framing God

    It is very similar to an ITW/Amp /Alfamacchine/ Mitre Mite now Fletcher.
    You might contact the Grumbler "Carver".
    He is the new tech person for Fletcher and he has been very helpful to others with some of these problems.

    You might need to lube the machine with the proper oil or you might have to rebuild some of the valves or cylinders.
    It's not very expensive to rebuild if you can do it yourself.

    If you go to Carver's profile page and click on "information" you will get his contact info and even his phone number.
  4. RJO

    RJO Guest

    Here's a couple shots.

    Attached Files:

  5. Bob Doyle

    Bob Doyle SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Are the hoses connected properly? It may be as simple as switching which line goes into which port. That looks exactly like my itw/amp right down to the color. Look on Larry's manual page if you don't have the itw manual for yours. If it wasn't leaking and is now it might be a simple fix.
  6. Bob Doyle

    Bob Doyle SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    You are going to want clamps on those rods. Or rather on one of them. The clamps will tell you where the inner and outer vnails should go in. If buying a valve also get the clamps.
  7. jim_p

    jim_p SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    I had something very similar happen about a year ago. The machine hissed air in the resting position, but when I pressed the foot pedal to actuate the front clamp, the leak stopped. In my case, it turned out that the cylinder for the front clamp was leaking. In the resting position, this ended up not providing enough back-pressure to close the pilot valve, so it was stuck partway open and leaked out the exhaust port just as you describe. I ended up rebuilding the front-clamp cylinder and everyone is happy now.
  8. Rick Bergeron - CPF

    Rick Bergeron - CPF SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    When you disassemble/reassemble, replace every o-ring & lube them. O-rings tend to lose their elasticity over time and leak. O-rings that have a flat appearance vs round is a good indicator.

    A rebuild kit furnished by the manufacturer will contain the proper O-rings depending upon whether they are dynamic or static.
    That's probably not an option, so O-rings from an assortment will work but may require more frequent replacement since they are most likely static O-ring elasticity.
  9. Jeff Rodier

    Jeff Rodier SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Fletcher will talk you through the repair and diagnose which part is needed. Like Neil says just look up Carver who is a Grumble member.
  10. RJO

    RJO Guest

    Thanks everyone. I'll look up this Carver cat.
  11. Jeff Rodier

    Jeff Rodier SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    He can be reached very easily by calling Fletcher at their 800 number.
  12. neilframer

    neilframer PFG, Picture Framing God

  13. Carver

    Carver Guest

    Hey everyone thanks for the kind words on here. I just wanted to give everyone an update on this. RJO called me this morning and we discussed his problem. As it turns out it looks like this manufacturer either used our cylinders in their production or used extremely close cylinders to what we use in our machines. From what I can tell and the measurements me and RJO have done our gasket kit PN: 41-208 should fit and fix his problem. This is the gasket kit for our U300, U3000P, U500 and U600 machine's vertical cylinders. The cause of his issue looks to be blow by in the cylinder due to the age of the gaskets. This is a common issue with pneumatic cylinders and is easily fixed in about 30 min. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.
  14. MnSue

    MnSue SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    AMP Machines have new equipment "names"

    Minigraf3 = U-300
    VN144 = U-400
    VN4MP = U-500
    VN4MC = U-600
  15. susang

    susang SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Good to know, Carver. I have the same machine as RJO and it needs some attention.
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