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For Sale: Brevetti Delta Uni Underpinner - Lexington KY - Make Offer


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I am selling a 1998 Brevetti Delta Uni underpinner / v-nailer.
I bought it used several years ago and used it in my very low volume shop.
It is in good used condition, a little surface rust here and there, a little glue mess and overall could use a little cosmetic work, but these things are nearly unbreakable.

I tested it this evening and it does work, but it does need some adjustments as far as depth, piston pressure, etc. Once it is moved, it will need a few hours of TLC and a good tune-up.

The only mechanical issue is that there is a TINY seeping air leak at the coupling where I am pointing. You can push the collar up on the coupling and the leak stops. I used it for years with this little leak, but it is there. V-mailer holds pressure just fine with very little bleeding off due to the leak.
The hoses seem to be in good shape. Nothing feels brittle, no bulges and the underneath of the machine looks nice.

I used this machine with a 125psi 1.5 hp 3 gallon Craftsman compressor and always used a moisture trap. I am including the compressor with the v-nailer. I’m also including the box of vnails as shown.

If you don’t want the compressor, let me know.

Unit comes off the stand for transport.

The v-nailer is in Nicholasville KY right outside of Lexington and will have to be picked up.
I can also try to meet someone within reason.
Feel free to ask any questions and make me an offer!
Message here or Steven6095 at gmail . com


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